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    Stephany Hurkos has led a multiple life as a mother, personal manager, producer, actress, headliner, talk show hostess, business executive, mentor to stars and was the assistant to and personally managed her late husband, the famed psychic, Peter Hurkos. Over the years she has represented such international stars as Steve Allen, Ken Annakin (director/writer), Traci Bingham, Rory Calhoun, Carol Connors (award winning songwriter), George Chakiris, Ray Danton, Troy Donahue, Joanne Dru, Rhonda Fleming,Terrence Little Gardenhigh, Kathryn Grayson, Dennis Hopper, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Ken Kercheval, Sally Kirkland, Diane Ladd, Monica Lewis, Florence LaRue, Jayne Meadows, Jay North, Joe Piscopo, Leonard Rosenman (AA Composer), Martha Scott, Connie Stevens, Rip Taylor,  Joey Travolta, Lee Van Cleef, Shelley Winters, Fred Williamson, Sean Young , Channah Zeitung among others.

    Her life with Peter Hurkos, involved numerous adventures around the world including some of the 20th Century most famous cases, documenting them with her tape recorder and camera, i.e.: The Boston Strangler multiple murders, the Sharon Tate murders, the Ann Arbor Coed murders, and solving over 300 cases. When the Stone of Scone was stolen in England, the Queen engaged the services of Hurkos who found the two teenagers in Wales who'd absconded with it! He worked with and was retained by the FBI, CIA, INTERPOL and INTERTEL. She assisted her famed husband with his cases and concurrently assisted him on the stage when he gave live demonstrations (appearing world over from the concert stage to headlining Las Vegas) , until his death in 1988. 

    During her life she helped create and produce and host four successful television 90 minute specials in Japan with her husband and directed the TV special HURKOS for the CBC in Canada .

     Stephany has been written about in almost every major newspaper around the world as well as over 190 books including WHO'S WHO. She has appeared on countless talk shows including the TONIGHT SHOW, and several TV Specials around the world. She was co-headlined with her late husband on the concert stage around the world as well as the top Night Clubs across the United States. She appeared with Diane Ladd on "The Rich And Famous" which was filmed in Ireland .

    Stephany has appeared on numerous television shows TALK SOUP (for one week ), SCOOP WITH SAM & DOROTHY, HOME & FAMILY, THE MORTON DOWNEY JR, SPECIAL, and THE WORLD YOUTH NEWS demonstrating the Aura camera potential. She has appeared on Radio, KIIS, THE ALAN COLMES SHOW, KFI, and KOST, to name a few.

    Stephany was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 23, her father was an attorney as well as State Senator. She moved to Los Angeles with her mother as a teenager and graduated Beverly Hills High, attended Santa Monica City College and studied law and Theater Arts where she graduated from UCLA.

      Stephany is currently writing her life story, "MY LIFE WITH PETER HURKOS." "Once and for all I will answer in this book, what it was like being married to the world's foremost psychic, Peter Hurkos." she explains. "This book has been painful to write, because when Peter died (June 1, 1988) he left such a void in my life, that for the past  years, I haven't been able to face it.... I'm still writing the book, hopefully it will get finished!"

     Today Stephany lives in San Diego with her daughter, Gloria, and her family. Spending time enjoying my grandchildren and still actively managing.

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